This specification, together with the Drawings, General Terms and Conditions, Special Conditions and other sections of the Request for Tender, shall form an integral part of the Contract Agreement.

Any discrepancies found on the drawings shall be brought to the immediate attention of the Owner’s Representative. No deviations shall be permitted from the design drawings without written approval from the Owner’s Representative. Furthermore, the Contractor shall immediately submit in writing to the Owner’s Representative any conflicts discovered within this Specification or between this Specification, the inquiry or purchase order, the accompanying data sheets and drawings and any other supplemental information or Specifications. The Owner’s Representative will then make a ruling and clarify the matter in writing.

This Specification defines the minimum requirements for the installation and testing of the Motor Control Centers.


Products and materials shall be as specified on drawings, Standard Details, Bills of Materials and Engineering Specifications.


3.1 General

3.1.1 Motor Control Centres (MCC's) not immediately installed upon receipt shall be stored in a clean dry area in their original packing.

3.1.2 MCC's shall be protected during construction to avoid excessive dust, moisture, splashing liquids or other damage. In particular, the top edges of the MCC’s shall be covered with a heavy cardboard so as not to damage the MCC finish when dropping cables over the front and rear. Damage to the MCC finish will be repaired to factory condition by the Contractor.

3.1.3 MCC's shall be set and secured in place on channel bases in a rigid, plumb manner and in accordance with the Manufacturer's Specification.

3.1.4 After the MCC's are levelled, assembled and solidly anchored in place, remove blocking materials used to secure components during shipping. The MCC #1 will be shipped in three (3) shipping sections and the MCC # 2 will be shipped in two (2) sections. The Contractor shall be responsible to assemble the sections to form the complete MCC’s , install all power and ground bus splice plates, install and terminate any control wiring between shipping sections, install metering equipment, etc.

  1. Fuse sizes, circuit breaker settings and overload heaters may be indicated on the drawings. The final size and settings of these protective devices shall be confirmed and set by the Contractor according to the motor nameplate data.

  3. The MCC teck cable feeder terminations shall be done using and hydraulic style crimper with a hexagonal crimp die. The lugs shall be two hole long barrel. Each lug shall be crimped twice.

  5. Before placing into service and during the course of the construction the Contractor shall clean the tops, sides, fronts, individual cells of the MCC’s. The Contractor shall ensure that all dust, dirt, shipping labels, metal filings, etc. are removed to the satisfaction of the Owner.
3.4 Testing

3.4.1 Owner's specific requirements and test forms are to be used when provided.

3.4.2 Check that all disconnects, switches and breakers are functioning properly and all blades are operating together.

  1. Check that all fuses, circuit breakers, starters and overloads are installed in accordance with the drawings and motor nameplate data.

  3. Check that automatic transfer switches function in accordance with the Manufacturer's Instructions.

3.4.5 Check that all power cables and grounding conductors are properly connected.

3.4.6 Ensure moving and working parts are lubricated and functioning properly.

3.4.7 Operate starters in sequence to prove satisfactory performance of each unit.

3.4.8 Reduced voltage starters, winding heater circuits, and adjustable speed drives are to be tested/adjusted in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions.

3.4.9 Protective relaying and metering to be calibrated and indicate correctly.