Projects Completed by the E & I Engineering Team.


Oxford Foods Harmonic Study

Cavendish Farms Fryer Upgrade

Irving Pulp Maintenance Assistance

Irving Tissue Switchgear As Builts

Lake Utopia Paper PPID’s

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Hydrogen

Brunswick News Arc Flash Study

Lake Utopia Arc Flash Study

Irving Pulp and Paper Miscellaneous Jobs

Lake Utopia Paper Hog Boiler PLC Training

Mount Pleasant Mines Re-development AFE Study

Irving Pulp and Paper EJB/IJB As Built Drawings

Irving Pulp and Paper Soot Blower Project

IPPL Dregs Washer Replacement AFE Study

Island Gas Compressed Natural Gas Mother Station

Cavendish Farms Compressed Natural Gas Daughter Station



Irving Pulp and Paper Bleach Plant LM Upgrade Estimates

Cavendish Produce Single Line Protection

Xstrata UPS Upgrade

Xstrata Water Treatment DCS Conversion to PLC

Strescon Batch Plant

North Gate Miners Owner Engineer

Atlantic Wallboard Rock Crushing AFE Study

PCS Grout Plant Upgrade

Lake Utopia Power Co-Gen AFE Study

Oxford Frozen Food Arc Flash Study

Bathurst Hospital Co-Gen

Cavendish Produce Sorter Project

York Steel Arc Flash Study

Irving Pulp and Paper Soot Blowers AFE Study

Irving Pulp and Paper White Liquor Storage AFE Study

Irving Pulp and Paper Mill Evacuation

Irving Pulp and Paper New Pulp Machine AFE Study

Lake Utopia Paper Hog Boiler PLC Programming

Lake Utopia Paper Hog Boiler E&I Commissioning

Bathurst Hospital Service Entrance

Cavendish Farms Fryer Upgrade AFE Study

Irving group Moncton AFE Study



Irving Pulp and Paper Dregs Washing

Irving Pulp and Paper Arc Flash Study

Cavendish Innovation Centre

Black Brook Energy AFE Study

Irving-Repsol LNG Plant E&I Construction Management

Grand Lake Timber Service Entrance

OSCO Rebar Plant Arc Flash

H&R Floating Pipeline Coordination Study

Irving Tissue Company Substation Grounding Study

Atlantic Wallboard Metering Communication

Lake Utopia Paper Hog Fuel Boiler E&I

Irving Personal Care Line E AFE Study

Lake Utopia Paper No. 1 Clarifier Upgrade

St-Leonard Sawmill Thermal Plant

Irving Pulp and Paper Kiln Natural Gas

Cavendish VFD Failure

Irving Pulp and Paper Sub 91 Switchgear Wiring Verification

Irving Pulp and Paper Coordination Study Update



Irving Pulp and Paper Surge Study

Xstrata Arc Flash Study

Irving Pulp and Paper Fibre Optic System As Builts

LUP Clarifier Upgrade

Irving Pulp and Paper LCN Split

Irving Pulp and Paper Arc Flash Wiring

Point Lepreau Fire Alarm System

Irving Pulp and Paper Portable Bark Dumper

JDI UPS Upgrade Study

Irving Repsol LNG Plant E&I Construction Management

Xstrata Data Center

Saint John Water Arc Flash

Lake Utopia Paper Boiler AFE Study

Cavendish Farms R&D Fry Line



Irving Pulp and Paper-Phase I Brownstock Washer Installation Project

Midland Power System Upgrade

Xstrata Chandlers Pond Pump Station

Lake Utopia Paper Sludge Press

Irving Pulp and Paper 1PM Layboy

Irving Pulp and Paper Sub 92 Switchgear Wiring Verification

BMS Closure Plan

Irving Personal Care Arc Flash Study+

Xstrata Arc Flash Study

Irving Pulp and Paper PM2 Layboy

Irving Pulp and Paper FD Fan Drive Replacement

Irving Personal Care 4th Diaper Line



Cavendish Farms – Security Upgrade
Uponor – 480Vac Power System Upgrade

Irving Pulp and Paper – Coordination Study

Cavendish Farms – Case Coders

McCain Foods Limited – Site Supervision

NBPower – Pt Lepreau – Fire Alarm

NBPower – UPS Loading Study

Lake Utopia Paper – Drive Replacement


Scierie Grande Riviere – Hewsaws

Irving Paper – Construction Supervision

Honeywell – Irving Oil Limited – Blender DCS Upgrade

Irving Tissue – Coordination Arc Flash Study

Irving Paper – Interlock Cabinet

St George Pulp and Paper – Station Services Generator

Lake Utopia Paper – DAF Clarifier

PCI Chemical – PanelView Upgrade

NBPower – SLC Replacement

Irving Pulp and Paper Limited – Sub 33A 2300V Transformer Replacement

Irving Paper Limited – Lighting Study

Lake Utopia Paper – Lake Pump-house


Irving Pulp and Paper- Lime Kiln

Scierie Grande Riviere - Sawmill Upgrade Project
Irving Paper Limited - Water Filtration
Brunswick Mines -  Coordination Study
Irving Pulp & Paper - No. 1 PM Drive Replacement
Lake Utopia Paper - Twin Flow
Heath Steele Mines - Lime Injection System
Irving Paper Limited - Kraft & Broke Tank


Lake Utopia Paper - Unit Sub 2A Replacement
Irving Paper Limited - Paper Machine 1 Sub Station
NB Power Coleson Cove - Miscellaneous Cabinet Design
Irving Personal Care Limited - Greenfield Diaper Plant
Irving Paper Limited -  Roll Storage Building
Eagle Forest - Coordination Study
Veneer Sawmill - Sawmill Upgrade Project
Irving Tissue - Machine Upgrade Project
Irving Tissue - Voltage Study
UNB - Steam Plant Grounding Review
Smurfit Stone - Load Flow
Irving Paper Limited - UPS Surge Protection
DNR - Kingsclear Nursery - Control System Troubleshooting


Irving Pulp & Paper - Screen Room
Lake Utopia Paper - Wood Room Upgrade
Lake Utopia Paper - Power Factor Correction
Weyerhaeuser - Maintenance
Coleson Cove - Refurbishment Project
Irving Pulp & Paper - Machine Room AFE Estimate
Lake Utopia Paper - Vacuum Sub 5kV MCC
Lake Utopia Paper - Sub 82 Upgrade
Lake Utopia Paper - Coarse Screen Project
Irving Pulp & Paper - Sub 41-43 Power Equipment
Irving Pulp & Paper - Sub 90-92 Consolidation
Irving Pulp & Paper - Machine Room Motors
St-George Pulp & Paper - Hydrostation Redevelopment
Juniper Tree Nursery - Expansion
Lake Utopia Paper - Emerency Lighting
Pioneer Chemical - Single Line Drawings


Pioneer Chemicals - Power System Review
Pioneer Chemicals - Compressor
Brunswick Mines -  Unit Substation Repairs
Brunswick Mines -  Underground Power System Project Management
Brunswick Mines -  Underground Power System Upgrade
Irving Pulp & Paper - No.3 Bark Boiler
Smurfit-Stone Lube Flow Sensor Commissioning
Weyerhaeuser WESP Upgrade
Honeywell Canada Ltd- Petromont -Montreal Refinery -Instrumentation
Heath Steele Mine - Maintenance Contract
Weyerhaeuser  - Maintenance Contract
Lake Utopia  - Power System Upgrade
ADI  - Coleson Cove Refurbishment Project
Lake Utopia Paper - 5-Year Power Upgrade Plan
Irving Pulp & Paper  - Load Shedding
Irving Pulp & Paper - Sub 50D Relocation
Smurfit-Stone - Power System Study
Brunswick Mines -  Rows A & B Phase 2 Upgrade
Grand Lake Timber - Sawmill Modernization Project


Irving Pulp & Paper Ltd -Project 1000 Digester Upgrade
Pioneer Chemicals - Spill Prevention Upgrade
Pioneer Chemicals - MCC Upgrade
Pioneer Chemicals - PLC Programming Support - Chlorate
Pioneer Chemicals - Caustic Filtration Project
Pioneer Chemicals - Smelt Ash Project
Brunswick Mines -  Row A & B Motor Upgrade
Brunswick Mines -  Underground Ventilation Projects Design
Irving Pulp & Paper - Sub 4